My family has a long connection with sound. Recording voices with a Graphophone as far back as the 1880’s, . I have been fascinated with Audio since I was about four or five years old. At six and seven I would make “field” recordings and do interviews with an old Bell and Howell recorder, taking the cassettes apart and splicing them together. I grew up in a house full of sound. My family had a Wurlitzer JukeBox and I would lean against it and listen to the gears turn and the needle drop on 45's.

   After being introduced to DJ’ing and live sound in the mid 90's, I began to realize my desire to work in creative media. I went back to school for Studio Recording and Audio Production in Nashville, TN and travelled to Byron Bay, Australia to complete my studies.  I started interning at commercial recording studios before moving to Film/Video Production. I was a production assistant for years, doing most anything I could do on set along the way prior to getting my first audio gig. I have been mixing and recording professionally for over 12 years and have worked on a variety of disciplines.